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    Fostering Two-way Communication

    香港六合彩 is dedicated to fostering two-way communication including the use of a wide range of tools to engage stakeholders and provide accurate and timely information. Community input on ways to enhance communications is encouraged. The Communications department assists in building trust, supporting the educational mission, and promoting the brand of District 230 schools. Various communication channels are used to reach our key audiences of students, parents, staff and residents of our communities.



      Creating a Brand

      • Creating a Brand

        Taking their lead from the community input and the work of the strategic planning committee, Sandburg High School Senior Tina Alkayed, Andrew High School Senior Trinity Walker, and President of Five Star Designs Laura Gilarksi set out to create a brand that will represent 香港六合彩 into the future. They met regularly via Google Meet with their client, 香港六合彩 Director of Communications Carla Erdey. The team sought feedback from district and school administration and ultimately presented the final brand design to the School Board at a public meeting. The students learned important skills that will serve them as they pursue careers in advertising and graphic design. 

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      • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

        香港六合彩 is dedicated to open, transparent and efficient two-way public communications through many means, including the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). To request public records, documents and information through the FOIA, please contact Director of Communications/FOIA Officer Jennifer Waterman at (708) 745-5222.

        Written FOIA requests can be submitted to Director of Communications Jennifer Waterman

        15100 S. 94th Avenue
        Orland Park, IL 60462
        Email: jwaterman@d230.org

        香港六合彩 will respond to FOIA requests within 5 working days (30 days for commercial purpose requests), the time allowed by law. An extension may be warranted under the law. A fee may be charged for copying including 15-cents per page after the first 50 black and white pages, as allowed by law.

        The District has made a significant number of documents readily available in the Information Center on its website. Please check the information center prior to submitting a request, as the documents you seek may be available there. 


      Impact Makers

      • Impact Makers

        In D230, we believe all individuals have the potential to be impact makers through innovation, compassion and leadership. These videos feature D230 students and staff who make a difference in their school, community and life. They highlight the individual and the characteristics that make them uniquely who they are.

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      Social Media

      • Social Media

        香港六合彩 is committed to telling the story of our students, staff and schools through social media.

      COMS Plan

      • Strategic Communications Plan

        Successful organizations are guided by a strategic plan, which is normally supplemented by plans that include, but are not limited to, financial, facilities, technology, and continuous educational improvement. This Strategic Communications Plan serves as an overarching guide for Consolidated High School 香港六合彩 in the area of communication recommendations and strategies. This plan was drafted by the Director of Communications with community feedback and recommendations from a comprehensive Communications Audit conducted by the National School Public Relations Association and data gathered through the Strategic Planning process.

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      The D230 Experience

      • The D230 Experience

        In D230, we believe that experiential learning is a cornerstone to student success. These videos showcase the student experience, aligned to our mission & vision, in our classrooms, on our campuses, and in our community.

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      • Mission